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Why Start To Save Money? Start Now!


Why exactly do we save money? Why don’t we just spend all our money at once? Here are some reasons:

Joe Udo is a blogger at Retire By 40 where he writes about passive income.

1Financially independence

One primary reason why we save money is to become financially independent. Joe Udo, a (United States) US news reporter defines financial intelligence as having enough income to pay your living expenses for the rest of your life without having to work full time.

Financial independence is not just for the wealthy but for anyone who is ready to pay the price for it.

One way to become financially independent is by saving when you have plenty and when you have small. By doing this and staying committed to it, you become financially independent.

Retirement Planning


Supposing you are not financially independent and retirement arrives. What do you fall back on apart from pension schemes that are not to be totally relied on?

Your savings is one sure bet and one reliable tower you can take refuge in. But if you have savings?

Two pieces of white paper with the word unforeseen turned into foreseen

3Unforeseen Expenses

What happens if your house or the car needs major repairs or if it is discovered that you are living in a building in a building that leaks? These are unforeseen circumstances that need attention but if there are no savings to rely on, you may be, unfortunately, stranded. 

Why Save Money? and How Much To Save?


Yes, we hope that emergencies don’t happen but they do happen. What happens if your daughter suddenly falls ill or you have a car accident or breakdown?

Severe weather could tamper with your house roof and crack your pipes. All these emergencies are expensive and we know we will likely have some sort of emergency from time to time.

Therefore, instead of allowing emergencies to take us by surprise, let’s rather live prepared by diligently saving money.

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Best Education Schools.


The cost of education is on the increase today. Private and public education fees are rising every year and it’s getting tougher to meet these demands.

However, education remains the best legacy and a vital need for every individual. People need to be educated and money is needed to achieve this.

Therefore, it is crucial that we save to pay for the costs of education, availing ourselves of the advantages it procures.

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